Vegetation monitoring is a system of long-term and regular observations over vegetation objects based on phytoindication methods.

The purpose

The purpose of this observations is the estimation of state of vegetation objects, habitat and the forecast of development and changes under influence of natural and anthropogenic factors for providing of state establishments, interested juridical persons and citizens with information for management, designed and technological decision-making in the field of conservation of biological diversity, efficient use of plants resources and maintenance of quality of an environment.
Vegetation monitoring is one of kinds of National system of monitoring of an environment in the Republic of Belarus.

Tasks of vegetation monitoring

  • an estimation of current state of vegetation objects on the territory of Belarus
  • an estimation of quality of habitat and extent of ecological safety on the basis of phytoindication methods
  • receipt, storage and accumulation of information about vegetation objects current state and habitat, forecast of its development and change
  • providing with information for management decision-making in area of biological diversity conservation, efficient use of vegetation resources and protection of the environment

Main directions of vegetation monitoring

  • monitoring of meadow vegetation
  • monitoring of water vegetation
  • monitoring of resource species of plants and fungi
  • monitoring of protected species of plants and fungi
  • monitoring of protection tree plantations
  • monitoring of urban green plantations
  • monitoring of ecosystems of especially protected areas

Carrying out of vegetation monitoring is provided by:

V.F. Kuprevich Institute of Experimental Botany of National Academy of Sciences of Belarus
Academichnaja 27 St. Minsk, 220072, Belarus
Fax: +375172841853