The purpose

Providing of all management levels with necessary ecological information about state of resources of fodder, food, medicinal, technical and others economic important wild species of plants (including fungi), their habitat and the forecast of change in the future at various levels of their exploitation and influence for effective management decision-making in the area of forestry, ecological safety of population, conservation and efficient use of plants resources.


  • an estimation of current state of resource species of plants and fungi
  • revealing the factors, which negatively influence on resource potential of economic important species of plants and fungi
  • an estimation of bearing and stocks within the bounds of separated regions
  • an estimation of pollution extent
  • providing with information for decision-making of protection, efficient use and reproduction of resources and their safety use for food by inhabitants

Address for contacts

V.F. Kuprevich Institute of Experimental Botany of National Academy of Sciences of Belarus
Academichnaja 27 St. Minsk, 220072, Belarus
Fax: +375172841853

The executive

Irina Voznyachuk
candidate of biological sciences, scientific worker of vegetation monitoring sector
тел: +375172841695