The purpose

Providing of all management levels with necessary ecological information about state and development of grassy phytocenoses in conditions of natural and anthropogenic influences.


  • development of network of meadow vegetation monitoring points
  • carrying out of complex (phytocenotic, synecological, soil, physiological, biochemical, etc.) investigations of meadow vegetation
  • development and filling of databases of  meadow vegetation  monitoring
  • revealing of development tendencies and creation of models of an optimum state of grassy communities
  • elaboration of measures on optimization, restoration of a biodiversity, organization of protection and rational use of meadow vegetation


All grassy lands: natural grassy vegetation (communities, populations, plant species) of flood-lands, open bogs, dry heathlands, forest glades and edges, and also meadow agrophytocenosis on the drained lands.

Address for contacts

V.F. Kuprevich Institute of Experimental Botany of National Academy of Sciences of Belarus
Academichnaja 27 St. Minsk, 220072, Belarus
Fax: +375172841853

The executive

I.M. Stepanovich
doctor of biological sciences, ph
тел: +375172842011