The purpose

Providing of all management levels with necessary ecological information for management decision-making in the field of protection and stable desired use of resources of especially protected areas on the basis of assessment of nature ecosystems state, their dynamic and development forecast.


  • development of network of meadow vegetation m- collection, generalization and analysis of information about ecosystems of especially protected areas
  • control and qualitative estimation of composition and structure of ecosystems of especially protected areas (on their categories)
  • an estimation of state of natural ecosystems on especially protected areas on totality of criterions based on bioindicative, biogeochemical, landscape, hydrological and other ecological indexes
  • an estimation of effectiveness of protection and nature management on this territories
  • revealing of main factors (threats), which negatively influence at the state of ecosystems of especially protected areas
  • forecast of dynamic of natural complexes of especially protected areas
  • elaboration of recommendations for management and planning decision-making in respect of natural complexes of especially protected areas
  • accumulation of results of ME EPA and their supply to interested state authorities, state nature-conservative establishments, scientific organizations, public and others

Address for contacts

V.F. Kuprevich Institute of Experimental Botany of National Academy of Sciences of Belarus
Academichnaja 27 St. Minsk, 220072, Belarus
Fax: +375172841853

The executive

Aliaksandr Sudnik
candidate of biological sciences, head of vegetation monitoring sector
тел: (+37517) 224-18-54: (+37529) 327-67-03