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About us
Informational and analytical centre of vegetation monitoring

Informational and analytical centre of vegetation monitoring was founded in 2000 consisting of department of stability and monitoring of vegetative communities of V.F. Kuprevich Institute of Experimental Botany of National Academy of Sciences of Belarus.
The purpose - coordination, generalization of results, scientific and information accompaniment, popularization of works in the field of vegetation monitoring.

- coordination of activity of organizations participated in vegetation monitoring
- accumulation, storage and accordance data of vegetation monitoring on control parameters
- analysis and generalization of vegetation monitoring information
- conducting of specialize banks of generalized information about state and diversity of vegetation, habitat condition, stocks of plants species which form resources, quality dynamics and state of populations of protected plants species
- elaboration of integrated criterions of estimation of vegetation state and habitat, and integrated forecast of their dynamic on the basis of data of monitoring of different types of vegetation
- initiation and participation in realization of investigations and elaborations directed at perfection of vegetation monitoring and processes of informational exchange
- creation and maintenance of literary databases and others informational sources related to vegetation monitoring, receiving, generalization new information about methods of monitoring conducting and about state of vegetation of other countries
- preparing of reports, references, bulletins and other informational materials about vegetation state and habitat on the basis of monitoring data
- organization and holding of seminars, meetings, conferences and other organizational actions in the field of vegetation monitoring
- propaganda, popularization and preparing of materials of results of vegetation monitoring

Adress for contacts:
V.F. Kuprevich Institute of Experimental Botany of National Academy of Sciences of Belarus
 Academichnaja 27 St. Minsk, 220072, Belarus.
Fax: (+375 17) 2841853


Sudnik A. V., cand. of biological sciences, ph. (+375 17) 2841854

Voznyachuk I. P. – cand. of biological sciences , ph. (+375 17) 2840171

Korotkevich N. A. - scientific worker, ph. (+375 17) 2841854

Vladimirova I. N.  - scientific worker, ph. (+375 17) 2841695

Yafimava O. E.  - junior researcher , ph. (+375 17) 2841695